Sunday, March 20, 2011

being human

"God, I love it when you're human. It gives hope to the rest of watching a pro golfer shank one."

Yup, today I heard those words from my I found something I had been searching for, tearing apart the house, FOR MONTHS. Let me explain...

I admit, I can be a little impatient when my family loses things.  I can be a little...aggressive, shall we say?... with my organizational tips and tricks.  With the zeal of a hopeless romantic I set up "systems" for the kids' clothes, label drawers and shelves like a maniac, sort and store according to size, color, type, you name it.  This will be the BEST system EVER.  Just wait, this time you'll see the beauty of it.  I know you will...

BUT they invariably come hollering with "MAAAA...where's my (fill in the blank)?"  Me: "Did you check (first, most logical place)? ... Try the (second most logical place)... Forget it, I'll just look myself".   And what do you know, it's often exactly where it ought to be.  The offender is accused of not really trying and I give a big, ole dramatic sigh that says, why, oh why am I forced to live among such barbarians?

So, tonight I was folding laundry FOREVER and I commented that every time I fold laundry I think about the mysterious case of the missing tank top.  It was part of a matching set with a it.  Wore it once and the tank top just disappeared. Really. Disappeared...Bermuda Triangle-style.  It was not in the first most logical place (on the hanger with the cardigan) OR the second most logical place (the tank top drawer, sorted by color and type, of course) AND I looked everywhere else.  Under the bed, behind the dryer, in the kids' had become my laundry obsession.  As I was explaining this system to my husband, I had a moment of clarity ....something that I totally would have done with the kids and I missed it. Rookie mistake...  I forgot to double-check the hanger.  Guess what?  It was there.  One strap had fallen off and it was hidden, slouched down in the cardigan.  On the hanger...Right where it ought to be.

I smiled.  I'm human.  Giving hope to others. :)

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