Thursday, March 24, 2011

kitchen fail

I somehow never got that "hunter/gatherer" gene.  I neither hunt nor gather...and most of the time don't feel that bad about it. Today, as we were huddled around the counter trying to scrounge together a meal, I realized I feel a little bad. Sometimes. I'm pathetic.

I am horrible about groceries, cooking...really all manner of providing nutrition for my family or myself. I hate it.  I hate cooking. I hate grocery shopping.  If I lived alone I'm pretty sure I'd live off a diet of crackers, olives and canned soup...maybe some canned beets.  I don't know what's become of me...I used to think the grocery store was my own personal wonderland...I could buy anything I wanted! The freedom!  Yeah, that wore off quickly.  I love eating. I love healthy food...I love having it prepared for me even more. Having a personal chef is right up there with the chauffeur as the staff I'll hire first. You know, once I'm hiring staff. 

Lately I've realized that I never seem to be able to pull together a meal.  Breakfast, the most important meal of the day? Maybe on Sundays when my daughter makes pancakes. Otherwise, cereal is a complete meal.  Lunches? Perfect idea to bring a bag lunch...economical, nutritious, convenient.  Not happening.  I have a little fantasy of someone making my lunch for me every morning...has never happened, not once...which is why it remains a fantasy.  And dinner is even more pathetic...take out, frozen pizza, pasta...  I never seem to have the ingredients for a recipe on hand. Embarrassing, really. Seriously, I would be judging me if I were you. 

Know what's even more embarrassing? I use Peapod!  I'm incapable of placing an online order in a timely manner.  I can even do it from my phone. And I don't.  I've become one of "those people"... poor little me having to rush to order the food from my couch. It's not like I'm walking to the store, hauling groceries! Oh so busy, can't possibly make a few clicks to place the order that the nice delivery guy will bring right to my kitchen.

I'm pathetic. Save me...or at least cook for me.

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